Bernard SALVAT

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Bernard SALVAT
Professeur Emerite EPHE

Thématique de recherche : After general ecological research on coral reefs, specially in French Polynesia, the last 10 years of research with published papers and of present interests relate to the following topics  : coral reef resilience, coastal mangement, status of coral reefs (Global, South Pacific, French Polynesia), natural disturbances and pollution effects (cyclones, bleaching, oil, pesticides, nuclear experimentations, COTS…), monitoring reef heath, mollusks biogeography (biodiversity, endemism, pleistocene fauna), closed atolls ecology, marine protected areas and governance, datations of huge blocks on reefs thrown  by catastrophic meterological or oceanographical events, public policies in conservation.


(Directeur Criobe 1971 – 1999) : « Reef reminiscences »