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Pierre SASAL
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The overall objective of my research is to test hypotheses of evolutionary ecology by quantifying the cost of parasites on the fitness of their hosts to assist in the understanding of host-parasite relationships and the consequences on fish populations or communities and to a larger scale, on biological diversity. My working hypotheses are based on differential resources allocation theories, i.e. the energy required for the host to respond to parasite infestation (in terms immunity, stress …) or simply the energy taken by the parasite is lost for the physiological functions of the host (reproduction, growth, …). Descriptive indices of the host condition (hepatic or gonadal somatic index, condition factor, …) are practical and easy to identify in the field but generally do not establish causal effect of parasitism. That is why I decided to work on more integrative indices but that may be a reflection of a more chronic effect of parasitism on host (gene expression, lipid quality, …). Recent projects also aimed at establish the effects of parasites of fish under human pressure (shark feeding, aquaculture, pollution, …) and their relation to biological conservation (invasive or endangered host species for example).


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