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Étudiant en thèse

CRIOBE, USR3278 CNRS EPHE UPVD, Moorea, Polynésie française ( & Center of Applied Ecology and Sustainability (Univ. Chile –

Thématique de recherche

I completed a Master’s degree in Aquatic Bioressources in Mediterranean and Tropical Environments at the University of Montpellier (France) in 2013 working with Dr. Joachim Claudet. My research initially focused on developing assessment and monitoring methods applied to marine protected areas (MPA), but now includes multidisciplinary approaches to improve coastal management. My interest in the latter began while working as an intern at the CRIOBE on the assessment of a MPA network in Moorea, French Polynesia. There, I witnessed first hand how people and environment where interlinked and realised the importance of considering both ecological and social aspects in conservation planning. My PhD project aims to investigate the effect of different marine management tools implemented in French Polynesia and Chile on the vulnerability of both resource and resource-users. The main challenge of my project is to bridge the conceptual and methodological gaps between human and natural sciences. To this end, I combine social and ecological theories and data through statistical and computational modelling techniques.


Evaluation écologique des AMP à Moorea